Cape Kiwanda with Makayla and Curtis

Makayla and I had been wanting to do a trip to the coast for months now and when our last plan fell through in April, we decided not to give up! This time we figured, Curtis being here for an extended weekend and her being off of school for the summer served as the perfect timing! They came over this past Thursday, we made mac n' cheese and they stayed the night. The next morning at 6 am we were up and on our way to the Pacific! This place was first on the list of things to see and it was my first time there. The Oregon coast fails to disappoint but Cape Kiwanda was so special! After our time here, we moved north towards Cannon Beach where Frank and I had planned to show them one of our recently discovered favorite spots where we had a picnic. At the end of the day we headed back to Portland with sand in our shoes, full stomachs, and even fuller hearts! 


Thanks for taking a peak at this set ! Makayla is super talented and awesome so be sure to check her out here and here!