House Tour

I met Gracie by chance thanks to my friend Makayla when she went to drop off a chair she no longer wanted. Gracie and Sage live in this beautiful house with a couple roommates in an awesome SE neighborhood in Portland. 

After Gracie showed us around her house a bit, Makayla and I were awe-struck at her design and beautiful art. I quickly offered my services before leaving and several months later, she reached out to me about photographing her home for her. I was so excited for the chance to see the space again and try and do it justice through photographs.

Here are some highlights from the shoot. In retrospect, I wish I had done some stuff differently or that we had maybe picked a time of day where we'd have some more beautiful light pouring in but all in all we really enjoyed ourselves and I truly love these photographs. 



You can find some of Gracie's beautiful artwork here and the airbnb they have listed here. Thanks for visiting!