Anthropologie Portland

I had the opportunity to work with the local Anthropologie store on shooting a few of their looks, here’s a peak !

Cape Kiwanda with Makayla and Curtis

Makayla and I had been wanting to do a trip to the coast for months now and when our last plan fell through in April, we decided not to give up! This time we figured, Curtis being here for an extended weekend and her being off of school for the summer served as the perfect timing! They came over this past Thursday, we made mac n' cheese and they stayed the night. The next morning at 6 am we were up and on our way to the Pacific! This place was first on the list of things to see and it was my first time there. The Oregon coast fails to disappoint but Cape Kiwanda was so special! After our time here, we moved north towards Cannon Beach where Frank and I had planned to show them one of our recently discovered favorite spots where we had a picnic. At the end of the day we headed back to Portland with sand in our shoes, full stomachs, and even fuller hearts! 


Thanks for taking a peak at this set ! Makayla is super talented and awesome so be sure to check her out here and here!


Here are a few of my favorites from a recent shoot with Makayla. We were blessed with perfect weather and spring flowers. Enjoy!

You can find more of Makayla here and here!

Union Station with Nicole

I recently had the pleasure of photographing Nicole again. The weather forecast said rain, so she decided we'd shoot at Union Station downtown where the Amtrak trains come through. We got tremendously lucky, the inside was almost entirely empty and really beautiful! I had never been but after this shoot, I cant wait to go back! Nicole's corner of the internet can be found here and here. Thanks for following along!

House Tour

I met Gracie by chance thanks to my friend Makayla when she went to drop off a chair she no longer wanted. Gracie and Sage live in this beautiful house with a couple roommates in an awesome SE neighborhood in Portland. 

After Gracie showed us around her house a bit, Makayla and I were awe-struck at her design and beautiful art. I quickly offered my services before leaving and several months later, she reached out to me about photographing her home for her. I was so excited for the chance to see the space again and try and do it justice through photographs.

Here are some highlights from the shoot. In retrospect, I wish I had done some stuff differently or that we had maybe picked a time of day where we'd have some more beautiful light pouring in but all in all we really enjoyed ourselves and I truly love these photographs. 



You can find some of Gracie's beautiful artwork here and the airbnb they have listed here. Thanks for visiting! 

Room Tour with Makayla

I recently had the pleasure of hanging out with Makayla and photographing her space as well as her cat Romeo, of course. She is moving to downtown Portland soon and had put a lot of time and energy into her current bedroom so I decided it would be a fun way to welcome all the changes coming her way. We listened to Lionel Richie on vinyl and she showed me her plants and most prized possessions (records, photographs, letters her boyfriend, Curtis, has written to her, as well as some awesome thrift store finds). We spoke about minimalism and art and Eames chairs and had such a great time!


I had an awesome time combing two things I love: interior spaces and people. Makayla also has a blog and you can find her little corner of the internet here.

Visiting Friends in the Northeast!

Frank and I decided to fly to the northeast to visit some friends in NYC, NJ, and Boston before heading out on our road trip. Here are some photographic highlights from the trip! We mostly stayed with Rella and Michael for the week in NJ and visited NYC to see Nathalie as often as we could. We also took a megabus with Rella down to Boston to see Cynthia. It was such a jam-packed and fun time. Cant wait to go back!

Side note: I've been working on this post since the trip which was back in March and had given up on posting it, but I really enjoy a lot of these images and couldn't let them go without giving them a place online. 



The rest of this set was taken in Boston, we had a short trip planned to see Cynthia but had such a fun time! I cant wait to revisit to get to know this beautiful city a little better.


Baptism & Dinner Party

I was recently asked to photograph the Baptism of a cousin of mine's son. Whoa--- tongue twister! It was at this huge church in Palm Avenue in Hialeah I had seen for years but had never gone inside of. The real fun part for me though, was the dinner party afterwards. It was at this 'quaint' restaurant I had never heard of in Miami Springs called Crackers. It had the coolest little patio space with plants and decorations everywhere. The food was amazing and it was a nice-sized group of people enjoying the perfect weather. Anyway, enough yappin' here are the photos...